Redpik and Blackheart (DA request)

Redpik and Blackheart
Last request artwork from deviantart user. I delay this art so much. As this is request work, the priority is very low. I don't know these original characters. I also haven't any specially moody on them. I also know there would be more views if I draw some copyrighted characters. There is no source power for such request works.

That's why I close request. If you want someone draw your own characters. Please find another artist instead.

I receive some aweful requests during this year. This one is quite good already. The source image looks ok. Some of them are just rough pictures. They even don't love their own characters. You just see their pencil line drawing. Damn, a pencil work can also be awesome.

Pencil = / = Rough.

Unfortunately, those pencil work is aweful. Did you spend more than 30 minutes for that work? How can you ask other draw detail pictures for you if you don't put any heart on them?

I can't really said my arts are good. But just look at them... DAMN. If I take the request, can I just draw rough lines back to them?

You also can feel that is no spirit for those characters. Why you can said a nurse costume should be liked Rin Tohsaka's costume (Red shirt and Black miniskirt) ? I never see any nurses liked that.

I even can't understand why they can ask people draw them.

Keyword: Request

テーマ : Drawing
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック



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