Freezing - Satellizer L. Bridget

Freezing - Satellizer L. Bridget
This fan art is a R-18 tuned into non adult content... The original one even has guro content. You can view my pixiv for details.

I don't really love this manga... But this manga create some pretty girls. That is the only reason why I still reading. Even the animation isn't attractive. Comparing to the similar theme story. I think Infinite Stratos is much better than this one. Big boobs is the only thing Freezing wins.

In the official story. Someone is tortured. I want to see Satellizer do the same. That's why I draw this picture. :P

R-18 (You must be over 18)

Keyword: サテライザー, フリージング, Satellizer L. Bridget,零度戰姬

テーマ : Drawing
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック