Ragnarok Online Fanart : Female Priest

Ragnarok Online Fanart : Female Priest
A character from my dojin "ULTIMA". That is quite old... I find out this old rtf file and discovered that is not finished. I scanned this work at 2005... OMG. It's 8 year old.

A short description for this character.

Priest Alli is a clone of Alicia. A nice partner with Lavian. So that Prontera can control Lavian more easily...

I haven't finish this story. My dojin team was broken up for a really long time. I even haven't make a regular ending for this story... Although I rewrite a prequel for this story. I still haven't time to finish this work. In these years, I pay more attending to my Megaman story more than RO... I almost forget this character.

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