Megaman X4 - SD Iris & Zero Fan Art

Megaman X4 - SD Iris & Zero Fan Art
IF story : Iris survived in X4. She would marry Zero and have a happy ending. That may be the most ideal ending for every Megaman X4 fans.

This fan art is base on that ending.

After the war between Maverick hunter and Repliforce. Scientists developed a Vaccine for preventing Maverick. It has a peaceful time during this year. Iris is going to marry Zero. But a Maverick "iX" destroyed their wedding. iX decided use Iris for revolution. He released her hidden power through the "Ultimate Reploid" plan. Combining Iris's power and Central Computer - "Mother", iX can controlled everyone's mind.

Zero finally defecte iX and saved Iris again.

That is my parody.

Keyword : ロックマンX4, アイリス, ゼロ, Megaman X4, Iris, Zero, SD Character



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