Megaman X Sigma Fan Art

Megaman X Sigma Fan Art
The leader of maverick hunter -- Sigma!

I draw a short red hair for him. He looks more cool with hair.

Sigma is the last boss in most megaman x series.

When I play megaman x at first time. The impression of X series is so different to original one. At the original series, Dr. Wily would make 8 bad robos at each episode. We control megaman to punish him. I just feel we are have a tour to Wily's new castle in each episode.

At X series, it more liked a war between the robos. And it has a little story present liked Zero fight with Vava. The whole atomsphere is so different to original one. I like this more.

But Sigma... I never figure out his character while I am a child. I like Vava more than Sigma at that time. Vava has a strong image - Rival. X also need to take revenage for Zero.

But Sigma... A stupid guy who want to control the world. A stupid lose 7 times to X and Zero. He seems never learn why he fails.


After I read remake of Astro boy(2003 TV anime) and megaman x8. I feel he may be a good guy who want to liberty whole Reploid race...

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