Miki Vocaloid Fan Art : SF-A2 開発コードmiki

Miki Vocaloid Fan Art : SF-A2 開発コードmiki
31 May 2013 Updated Ver. :Anime Art|CG繪圖 : SF-A2 開発コードmiki SD

2nd fan art of SF-A2 Miki. Actually this fan art and the 1st miki artwork are drew in same period. Her costume aren't same style as the official one... I 'm not seeing the official artwork when I drew these 2 pictures. The fan art looks better. I spend more time for fine tune. I draw her in 4 heads high. She may looks more cutie in this proportion.

This artwork is focus on her star image. The pattern image... it's my office source photo again. It looks rock and road feeling. But I don't know how to draw this style vector image.

This artwork mainly used SAI. But it contains around 50% process time at Photoshop. Such as tuning the color and make some effects.

第二張開発コードmiki繪圖,這次也是主要使用SAI的作畫,可是這本的工序反而多是花在Photoshop上,在調色和效果上卡著的,浪費了不少時間。如果單純基本繪圖,這張圖大約一個月前已經完成。當時途中很多時間也不是在畫畫 (笑)

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