Shelley Fouriner (16) Tactics Ogre Fan Art

Shelley Fouriner (16) Tactics Ogre Fan Art
Shelly Fouriner (16)
Class : Warrior

Nickname Sennet. The 4th person at the initial of the Game. She is close relation with Vice and Denim. But not Kachua.

A fake setting only.

That is a cheating code character at my 2nd / 3rd playing. I want to use "Warrior" at the initial stage. But if using a common faces. They won't grow up with Warrior's status. I need a special character applies this class. At initial I selected Selye. But Selye has a too much impression for using spear. I selected Sisteena as 2nd choice. aww... Sisteena has a single sword in the official illustration. It looks not good for her using 2 sword skills. Olivia... I personally don't like her portrait. I don't know why her portrait looks liked the oldest one in her family. The last one is Shelley...

Ignore the illustration. Shelley's pixiel work looks more aliked a close-combat type than Sisteena. This fan art is my imagination from that pixiel work. But I'm lazy to draw 2 swords for her...

In that cheating play, this Shelley(Fake) joined at initial, Vice 1st chapter ver.(fake) is remained at party, Sisteena (Real) becomes Paladin. Shelley (Real) become a common face Siren XD
The most interesting thing is - Their father asked Fake Shelley become Shaman. Certainly I reset her to be Warrior after I got the magic and items.

The Fake Shelley's real name is セネット (Sennet). It's too troublesome for cheating her name...

*1st chaper ver. Vice has a unique growing status which similar to White knight (Guildus)

I may do the same thing in the remake Tactics Ogre. I like close-combat Shelley more than original one...
It's too great for a remaking Tactics Ogre! I wait for it ten more years...

祝賀 タクティクスオウガ 運命の輪


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