Death Maiden (OC ryona manga)

Death Maiden

A hanging theme guro draft manga.

Total 7 Pages (+2 character drawing)
R-18G Caution >>

Around 5 months early access... If you are my patron already. You can skip this post. I haven't edit these pictures much. It almost the same draft as the previous set.

Death Maiden is Temporary name for another manga. This set is same period as "Last Descendants" (14-09-29)

Long hair sexy girl called Francesa. The leader of valkyrie team.

Short hair girl called Sivilia. Vice leader of this team.

The twin tail healer hasn't an own name... :D

Both of them are under Princess You.

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(R-18 / NSFW)

Keyword: R-18G 漫画 リョナ エロ処刑 オリジナル 首吊り 死体 死姦 戦乙女 ryona, valkyrie, OC, hanging, guro, execution asphyxiation


テーマ : 創作・オリジナル
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック



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