Miki Chan - Vocaloid Fan Art

SF-A2 Miki Chan

Miki chan fanart. Cute Miki is cute!

I always customized her clothes. I don't exactly remember those pattern. Everytime I draw, it also would looks different...

Keyword: 開発コードmiki, SF-A2 Miki, Vocaloid

テーマ : Drawing
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

Queen's Blade Annelotte

Annelotte - Queen's Blade Rebellion

Another Queen's Blade Fanart. Although I don't like its story. I like those babes.

Annelotte has a weird and sex armor. How can an irony armor bounced like boobs? Just ignore the common sense... Queen's Blade has no sense.

I usually like female knight characters. That's why I like Annelotte too.

Keyword: クイーンズブレイド, 叛乱の騎士姫アンネロッテ, Queen's Blade, Female Knight

テーマ : Drawing
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

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