Belly Dancer

Belly Dancer mod

A request artwork from deviantart user. The red hair girl is the same one as Ragnarok Online : Female Knight Fan Art. She still has big boobs in this artwork :D

The pose is copying from a illustration of Miku.

Removed deviantart user's OC

Keyword: Request

テーマ : Drawing
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

Megaman X - Alia

Megaman X Alia
I finally upload this image at my all ages weblog. This images was finished 15 days ago. I have some extra works needed to do before I go on modification for this fan art.

I want to make a hunter sex party at the initial plan. I also want to make Alia become a
prostitute. They would has group sex at the conversation room. But it would be a huge modification. I give up those ideas...

I want to begin my next work more then this modification.

R-18 (You must be over 18)

Keyword: ROCKMAN X, MEGAMAN X, Alia, エイリア

テーマ : Drawing
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

Ponytail Girl

A requested illustration through Pixiv. He asked for a erotic stylish picture...


( ´・ω・)

R-18 (You must be over 18)

Keyword: 少女少年, 白鳥つぐみ, 女裝

テーマ : Drawing
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

Shoujo Shounen - Shiratori Tsugumi Fan Art

Shoujo Shounen - Shiratori Tsugumi

Tsugumi is one of my favorite character. It's time for drawing a new fan art for him. I haven't put too much time on this work. I try to paint it as fast as possible. The final work I use back stockphoto vector work for decoration...

I also put some wording which looks more like a regular photobook cover image.

Keyword: 少女少年, 白鳥つぐみ, 女裝

テーマ : Drawing
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

Rockman Zero : Ciel Fan Art

Rockman Zero Ciel
Original Post : 13/06/26

A Rockman Zero Ciel fan art. I always drew her liked Lacus in previous artworks... This time I draw back a common version.

And this is my first post at fc2 weblog. I may transfer all my xangablog stuffs to here when I have time...

Updated : 13/10/12

R-18 (You must be over 18)

Keyword: ロックマンゼロ, シエル, Megaman Zero, Ciel

テーマ : Megaman Zero
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

Ragnarok Online : Female Knight Fan Art

RO female knight Kiwi

A red hair RO knight. She is my RO partner when I playing the beta test ver. iRO.

This fan art costed me so much time. The original PSD file is huge. Every time I open it. It would has a long loading time.

And I haven't so much interest to draw male character at a hentai fan art...

R-18 (You must be over 18)

Keyword: Ragnarok Online,ラグナロクオンライン,仙境傳說RO,ナイト,女騎士,Knight

テーマ : Ragnarok Online
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

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