Rockman Zero - Fairy Leviathan Undersea

Fairy Leviathan (Undersea) - Rockman Zero

Fairy Leviathan (Undersea) B - Rockman Zero Fairy Leviathan (Undersea) No Helm - Rockman Zero

My favorite Rockman character LEVIATHAN again! This fan art used for xangablog cover. I haven't paid for xanga account. That blog is gone...

I finally finish that fan art. The original file format is RIF. I haven't use Corel Painter for a long time... I converted it to PSD and continue modification at SAI. It would be damn loading if I still use Painter to draw.

The first ver. is finished at 15th Sep. and posted to my TW blog Bahamut. After I finished that artwork. I still modify that PSD.

First I draw a naked body. I still want more... Then I created a sex pose for her. If there is a sex partner it would be great. So I drew a rough male shape.


There is new addon idea after I finished every time. But I should close this drawing. I need to draw a new fan art instead of these modifications.

R-18 (You must be over 18)

Keyword: ロックマンゼロ, レヴィアタン , Megaman Zero, Fairy Leviathan

テーマ : Megaman Zero
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

[Vocaloid Fan Art]SF-A2 開発コードmiki

開発コードmiki Vocaloid Fan Art
SF-A2 Miki Vocaloid fan art. Miki is so cute! I love drawing her more than other vocaloids. :)

This artwork would has R-18 ver. too. The background is a signing session. The original concept of this artwork : Miki has sex with her fans.

I put various ver. of this work for my difficult weblogs. Chinese weblog one would use a cute background. ( 開発コードmiki Vocaloid Fan Art )

R-18 (You must be over 18)

Keyword: 開発コードmiki, SF-A2 Miki, Vocaloid

ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

Wing R Fan Art : FC2 Blog

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