RZ Elpis : Johan (Zero Destroyed)

Elpis : Johan
Rockman Zero Fan Fiction ELPIS scene. Johan (Harpuia) destroy Zero and beat down Rock-On team. In this artwork. I look at Saviour vs Freedom (SEED Destiny) youtube for the image - destroyed Zero. I only drew his damaged helm to prevent the artwork looks too gore.

Keyword: ロックマンゼロ, ゼロ, 傑洛, 翠緑の斬撃, 賢将ハルピュイア , セイバーガンダム

Elpis : Harrison, Johan, Alex

Elpis : Harrison - Johan
Harrison, Johan - Fan fiction Character : Rockman Zero Elpis
This Harrison would look different to this artwork... The world setting is quite different between these 2 artworks. This one has a pair of blade liked SRW - Soulgain.

Elpis : Alex
Alex - Fan fiction Character : Rockman Zero Elpis
Alex is one of Weil's Numbers in my fan fiction. This one show his uniform.

Keyword: Fan Art

Wing R Hentai Fan Art Design layout update

Wing R Hentai Fan Art Blogger
Hentai Fan Art - http://wingr-fanart.blogspot.com/

I hidden the adult content part in this design layout.

The new design layout for blogger is finished. It has an unique layout after 3 years... T-T

In the new banner, I want more erotic feeling. I put more naked girls at the top of the page. The original one is too small. The effect is not really good at that thin banner.

At the new layout. I also put a fast menu at the header ; "Fan Art", "Sketch" and "Intro. & Sitemap". It would be more easy to browser my artworks. I really don't like blogger original category. If you have 70+ posts. You need to click 7+ times for the "older post" button. In other words, it almost impossible for viewing the old posts...

If that is diary, that may be no value for the old posts... But this blog is showing my artworks. As I always check pixiv artist old works. That would be a value to reading those old posts.

It's not really easy for the blogger template modification. In FC2 blog, you can copy all coding into your dreamweaver. It just a WYSIWYG process. But blogger template can't be that simply. You need to try and error at its Edit HTML mode. There is so many codes I don't understand... Maybe those empty div are plugin's spacing.

For example, I put a quote sign at every posts' / right widgets. That process is really annoying. I need to check the CSS name at Chrome Developer Tools (F12 at Chrome). The center line between post and right column is more annoying! CSS main-inner and footer-inner padding make the line has a huge gap between the post and footer.

FC2 Blog design layout updated

FC2 Blog Custom
This layout is base on template evergreen*. I modified it's images and become this new design.

Evengreen template path : http://admin.blog.fc2.com/control.php?mode=design&process=download&no=37476

The new layout are similar to my exblog. I make a fast menu at the header. User can click the thumbnail view listing of Fan Art / Sketch more easily. I also make another button for an introduction and sitemap. I think a pure introduction is meaningless. I have such long introduction for viewing...

The new design would focus on green color and natural theme. The banner image used these 2 artworks to present.

Actually there is not relation between these characters... I just feel the angle is matching for presentation.

Rockman Zero Manga : Ciel Fan Art

Megaman Zero - Ciel (Manga)
The story of Megaman Zero is totally different to Manga version. Manga version is horrible... Although It released at 2003. It's story is still looks liked 80s. In manga. An original character discovered Zero. They start a journey for finding Zero's lost memory. Ciel?

Ciel is a Resistance fighter at this story. She fight at the front line! A scientist can fight against to Neo Arcadia! It doesn't make sense!

Zero is almost no relation with Ciel and Resistance. Ciel is just a quest character in this manga. Why you can draw an official manga turns a main heroine became a quest! After Resistance event, Ciel isn't related to this story. The reason Zero strike Neo Arcadia... Zero just want to get his memory back.

This manga make another setting for Ciel. Her twin sister Cial is the leader of Neo Arcadia. I just curious why a scientist can be a leader of this country... She just make a "prefect" reploid X then she become the leader. Even the "prefect" reploid is so "prefect"! If this is the logic. Then X and Zero should be the king of world in 22XX. They saved the world many times! It doesn't make any sense! But this manga successfully created a character called Cial. I also write this character in my own fan fiction. The dojin game Rockman Ciel would also contain Cial. Thanks for this junk comic for creating Cial. This is the only value for this shit.

I haven't buy the volume 3 and never read the ending of this shit... It seems none want to scan this junk work to internet too.

Keyword: ロックマンゼロ (舵真秀斗), シエル, Megaman Zero, Ciel, 黒歴史マンガ

テーマ : Megaman Zero
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

Megaman X - Zero (no helm)

Megaman X - Zero (no helm)
I always draw girls... This time I try to draw an ikemen. This is X1 ver. without helm. The rounded shoulder looks more match than Saber armor in this work.

Keyword : Rockman X, ロックマンゼロ, Megaman X,洛克人X,傑洛

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