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Cecil is a Xanga Member Since: 4/16/2005

My FC2 blog is moved from . If you use my xanga url. You propertly can found out this post. Thanks for searching me through this way.

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My nickname is Cecil. Birth:4th Sep 1983 . Most of my websites / weblogs would called Wing of Red / Wing R (Depends on the name signed or not). I am a Hong Kong web designer. I love animation and drawing. I would post some of my works to this weblog. Thanks for watching it.

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Fan Art List

Green Bow Lyn - Fire Emblem WingR2000 May 2018 content Wind Sneaker Rena - Elsword Deadly Spines - Zyra (LoL) White Wedding - Hinata Hyuga Natalie - OC WingR2000 April 2018 content Konte (Swimwear) - Alicesoft Galzoo Island Knight Course - Catalina (GBF) Repulse Azur Lane WingR2000 Mar18 & Seasonal pack Tina Armstrong (bust shot) - DOA Lisesharte Finale Memento Nude ribbon girls -- FFXIV Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess Special Candy Chelsea Saga - akame ga kill Eve in Trouble +1 Maki Genryusai - Final Fight 2 Stella & Julis [Manga] Trophy Girls - EAP Catalina - Granblue Fantasy Elementalist Lux Sansa and Arya execution 02 - Arya part Dec17 & Seasonal pack Lamia Loveless - SRW Trophy Girls Ribbon Girls (Xmas) Suzutsuki - Kantai Collection WingR2000 November 2017 content Commander Fraya - Tera Online Evelynn Agony's Embrace - LoL November 2017 WIP drawing Behead : Don't Deal With WingR WingR2000 October 2017 content Cistina Phoraena (Tactics Ogre) Hunting Witch - Sukura Kyoko Restoration Lady Eirika - Inherit Skill (FE Heroes) Sieglinde ジーク・リンデ (Fire Emblem Heroes) Boa Hancock’s Wedding (EAP) & WingR2000 September 2017 Content Sena Summer Special Niku Heart Shaped Boob Challenge (LoL Leona & Nidalee) Ciel NTR (Megaman Zero) School Idol Night - Love Live Hanging Sakurai Momo (桜井桃) Banit Mercenary Crave - Millennium War Aigis Restoration Lady Eirika - Inherit Skill Heart Shaped Boob Challenge - LoL Nidalee and Leona Konte harem play +1 RO Professor Gunpuku no Himegimi (軍服の姫君) - Re:Creators School Idol Night - Love Live Enemy Weapon - Hunter Set (Ragnarok Online) Elementalist Lux Casting couch exposed! -- Love Live ! Nico Yazawa - Love Live! Nishikino Maki - Love Live! Julis Riessfeld - Standing pose Rangiku Matsumoto Premium Delivery Health | Lisesharte prostitution | Template PSD Nico Yazawa - Love Live! Nishikino Maki - Love Live! Enemy Weapon - Hunter Set (Ragnarok Online) Netorare theme images Ryona Type Girl Friend - Ragnarok Online (FREE) Sansa and Arya execution 01 - Game of Thrones (EAP) Alicia (Final Fantasy Tactics) Vanqished Queen Airi (Queen's Blade) Ryona Type Girl Friend - Ragnarok Online [OC] Queen Lynae Oyl touring exhibition Vanqished Queen Airi (Queen's Blade) Ciel NTR yosalou氏のオリキャラ Airi X Liliana Queen's Blade [Elsword] Eve in trouble Ezina & Karina Sena Kashiwazaki Chibi Maid Template - Alpha FFXIV - Tentacles Rape (Early Access Period) Airi - Queen's Blade Virgin Killer Sweater (童貞を殺すセーター) Mai Shiranui - King of Fighter SF-A2 Miki raped in back street Last Descendants (P1) Purpleheart - Hyperdimension Neptunia Fire Emblem OC drawing Happy New Year 2017 Brutally murdered Lisesharte Atismata Execution (9P Manga) Morgan Captured - Fire Emblem Awakening Final Fantasy 14 - Xmas 2016 Fire Princess (Julis Riessfeld & Stella Vermillion) Iris Love Hotel 2 (Megaman X) Riruru - Rescues fail Red Saviour Arya Stark (2) - Game of Thrones Arya Stark - Game of Thrones Sansa Stark - Game of Thrones Hot Spring - Queen's Blade Final Fantasy 14 - Tentacles (Alt.) Ciel Model Z Happy Halloween 2016 Final Fantasy 14 - Character drawing Twin Princesses public execution Romance with Menace (Queen's Blade) Human Cattle (X-men) yosalou's OC Commission River Playing Fatality Moves Live |*・ω・)ノ Kirin Toudou is defeated (The Asterisk War) Twins Union Love hotel with Iris (Megaman X4) Protean Assassin Melona - Queen's Blade ANCIENT PRINCESS MENACE - Queen's Blade Captain Liliana Airi - Queen's Blade Redhead OC (Swimwear) Konte (Galzoo Island) Valkyrie & Fairy - Odin Sphere Alicia (FFT) Stella Vermillion Fanart (Chivalry of the Failed Knight) Trophy - B. ORCHID (Killer Instinct) Valkyrie and Fairy - Odin Sphere Female Professor Torture - Ragnarok Online Sakura Haruno - NARUTO Madoka Kaname waist shot Madoka x Miku Vert - Hyperdimension Neptunia Fan Art Madoka x Rosalina Praire chocolate JK Collection GW2 OC rape Sasara Kusugawa - hugging Elf female warrior blonde Elf Female Warrior “Angelus” Xmas Farewell Concert Lovely Twin Princesses [OC] Evelyn Vava Cyber Formula Sugo Grand Prix Campaign Girl 2 sex doll ALISA - Takahashi Risa Siro Y-Shirt ブリスゼロ (Bliss Zero) Trophy - Psylocke Slave Farm - Dancer Megaman Zero - Zero Stellar Loussier | Gundam Seed Destiny Hitomi Yoshino - Namco Image Girl Fairy Leviathan (kimono) JK Krain Warrior Sennet Bride Siro Princess You Oyl Megaman Zero Leviathan - 2 Redpik and Blackheart Prairie - Megaman ZX Fanart SF-A2 Miki Chan Annelotte - Queen's Blade Rebellion Queen's Blade Alleyne Sasara Kusugawa Tomoko and Nagisa Freezing - Satellizer L. 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Sketch List

OC Mio breast implant Guardians of Eternal Love - Ragnarok Online Eve in trouble 2 - Elsword WIP Kyoko And Homura Omega - Megaman Zero Taste of Valhalla Prontera PvP Loser (Ragnarok Online) Death Maiden Castor and Pollux (Sailor Moon) [OC] Lady Knight Ninina - Bride Redhead OC Sketch Sword Maiden - Stephanie Portrait Airi Games (Queen's Blade) Fraya (TERA) Azuma Kamimura Lineart akeno himejima OC Priest (?) Latex Maid Bowl Marcella and Aurora : Sketch Elpizo - Megaman Zero Elpis : Harrison - Johan Elpis : Alex Megaman X - Zero (no helm) Megaman ZX - Girouette and Zero Rockman Fan Fiction Elpis - X & Alex Original Character Siro | Blonde シアール,ジルウェ | Cial Girouette -Elpis Character Sketch Cial シアール , Alex | Painter Marker Practice Sketch Gジェネ マリア・オーエンス | Maria Owens ZAFT Spacesuit Gジェネ マリア・オーエンス | Maria Owens & Shinn Rockman X : エックス Rockman Zero : Cial シアール(ラクス様)

Nanami Katsuki - Love Death Fan Art

Love Death1 - Nanami
Teatime disbanded... Love Death Final would be their last work. I love this series. Even the story is so stupid at 3 - 5. Why would a realtime love game would show a Bio Hazard / Maverick Hunter story?

The first love death is my favorite hentai game. Those girls in these series are very cute. Comparing with their sister band Illusion. Even Illusion has great 3D tech., they always do reality model well. But they still can't make a cute character perfectly...

Each character has a nice story. The whole story is looked like an animation. It's a simply story talk about a relation between human and death. No Bio Hazard, and no Maverick Hunters...

Keyword: らぶデス 香月 奈々美, 10773

テーマ : Drawing
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

Rockman Zero : Omega Sealed Ruin

Rockman Zero | Zero & Leviathan
This is the first scene - the broken Omega enironment. The original concept of this art work. Guardians go with Zero. But I haven't draw other 2 guardians in this art work.

Ummm... I never draw Harpuia and Fenrir. I haven't interest at those two guys.

I copying MGS Rising style and applied into Zero's pant. I don't draw good if I draw his original pant. It doesn't match so much when I drew them in this proportion.

Keyword: ロックマンゼロ, 傑洛, 洛克人Z, Megaman Zero, レヴィアタン , Fairy Leviathan

テーマ : Megaman Zero
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

Rockman Zero - Fairy Leviathan (No helm) Fan Art

Rockman Zero - Fairy Leviathan
My favorite Rockman character LEVIATHAN! She is rare FEMALE enemy in whole Rockman series. Comparing to Ciel... that perfect female character. Leviathan looks more characteristic. Every time Zero meet her. She also want to tear him off.

I draw various version which taking off her helm. I feel a long black hair would be more matching for this lady. But... this artwork would looks liked Mio Akiyama...

Rockman Zero - Fairy Leviathan (No Helm)

Keyword: ロックマンゼロ, レヴィアタン , Megaman Zero, Fairy Leviathan

テーマ : Megaman Zero
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

Megaman ZX - Girouette and Zero

Megaman ZX - Girouette and Zero
Another sketch for Girouette. In my fan fiction Elpis Girouette and Zero is same person. He give up his hero name "Zero" after the war...

Keyword: ロックマンゼクス,Rockman ZX,Megaman ZX,洛克人ZX,ジルウェ,齊威爾

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