Stella Loussier | Gundam Seed Destiny

Stella Loussier | Gundam Seed Destiny
Naked Ver. (You must be over 18)

A retouch fanart. I almost repaint whole the picture. In this fanart. I tired to use back original style for her eyes. I also draw back the bottom body for her.

About Stella, actually I haven't much impression for her at the animation. I just remember she use a gundam. But she still can't knock down Luna's GUNNER zaku while at the close combat.


I don't talk about that animation so much. I always rent her at G generation series. Stella has better status than other female characters. I don't know why she is strong. She even can't knock down Luna's zaku...

The background image... I simply use back shockphoto for faster the processing.

Keyword: ステラ・ルーシェ, Stella Loussier, 機動戰士GUNDAM SEED DESTINY


テーマ : Gundam SEED Destiny
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

Siro | gender-bending Zero

Siro | gender-bending Zero
Naked (You must be over 18)

Swimwear for (gender-bending Zero) Siro. I try to introduce this original character here.

Her full name is Silmeria Rollin. The first name Silmeria is copying from a goddess.

In the Parallel World.

"The ultimate solution! Maid-Robo! Why havn't you made it yet! Sony and Honda!" (From Welcome to NHK)

This concept distorted Wily and Light when they were youth. Dr. Light finally developed a MOE robo called Roll. Dr. Wily can't accept this result. He cancelled the planning for "Zero" and begin a Maid-Robo development.


Actually... That is a swimwear blonde only. There is no more Zero related objects when she wearing liked that.

Keyword : ブリスゼロ,性転換|女性化傑洛,女体化 ロックマンゼロ