Megaman Z Alouette Fan Art

Megaman Z Alouette Fan Art
The original Alouette should be a cheerful kid... That may look so much different to my illustration. In "my" parody, Alouette is Copy X and Ciel's daughter. Ciel promote Alouette as a children between Reploid and Human. She used her as a tool only...

I can't found out the original source for this setting...

Her wings is base on Copy X second form.

Keyword : ロックマンゼロ, アルエット, Megaman Zero, Alouette

テーマ : Megaman Zero
ジャンル : アニメ・コミック

Megaman X Axl Fan Art

Megaman X Axl Fan Art

The leader of maverick - Axl

Yea. In my parody Axl is a maverick, not a hunter.

In my story. Axl believe X is an true hero. He knows everything about X through the network system. He even discovered some hidden record.

In the cyber elf war, Dr. Vile almost destory whole city. While he use the dark elf's power. None can reject his order. X is the only one can reject this kind of power. He directly kill Dr. Vile to stop the war. Afterall, X is terminated cause of Three Laws of Robotics.

People defined Axl as maverick cause of this hidden history...

Actually I design this character based on Axel Almar from Super Robot War OG (or A) more than the original Axl.

Keyword : ロックマンX, アクセル, Megaman X Axl

Megaman X Sigma Fan Art

Megaman X Sigma Fan Art
The leader of maverick hunter -- Sigma!

I draw a short red hair for him. He looks more cool with hair.

Sigma is the last boss in most megaman x series.

When I play megaman x at first time. The impression of X series is so different to original one. At the original series, Dr. Wily would make 8 bad robos at each episode. We control megaman to punish him. I just feel we are have a tour to Wily's new castle in each episode.

At X series, it more liked a war between the robos. And it has a little story present liked Zero fight with Vava. The whole atomsphere is so different to original one. I like this more.

But Sigma... I never figure out his character while I am a child. I like Vava more than Sigma at that time. Vava has a strong image - Rival. X also need to take revenage for Zero.

But Sigma... A stupid guy who want to control the world. A stupid lose 7 times to X and Zero. He seems never learn why he fails.


After I read remake of Astro boy(2003 TV anime) and megaman x8. I feel he may be a good guy who want to liberty whole Reploid race...

Keyword : ロックマンX, シグマ, Megaman X Sigma

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