Shelley Fouriner (16) Tactics Ogre Fan Art

Shelley Fouriner (16) Tactics Ogre Fan Art
Shelly Fouriner (16)
Class : Warrior

Nickname Sennet. The 4th person at the initial of the Game. She is close relation with Vice and Denim. But not Kachua.

A fake setting only.

That is a cheating code character at my 2nd / 3rd playing. I want to use "Warrior" at the initial stage. But if using a common faces. They won't grow up with Warrior's status. I need a special character applies this class. At initial I selected Selye. But Selye has a too much impression for using spear. I selected Sisteena as 2nd choice. aww... Sisteena has a single sword in the official illustration. It looks not good for her using 2 sword skills. Olivia... I personally don't like her portrait. I don't know why her portrait looks liked the oldest one in her family. The last one is Shelley...

Ignore the illustration. Shelley's pixiel work looks more aliked a close-combat type than Sisteena. This fan art is my imagination from that pixiel work. But I'm lazy to draw 2 swords for her...

In that cheating play, this Shelley(Fake) joined at initial, Vice 1st chapter ver.(fake) is remained at party, Sisteena (Real) becomes Paladin. Shelley (Real) become a common face Siren XD
The most interesting thing is - Their father asked Fake Shelley become Shaman. Certainly I reset her to be Warrior after I got the magic and items.

The Fake Shelley's real name is セネット (Sennet). It's too troublesome for cheating her name...

*1st chaper ver. Vice has a unique growing status which similar to White knight (Guildus)

I may do the same thing in the remake Tactics Ogre. I like close-combat Shelley more than original one...
It's too great for a remaking Tactics Ogre! I wait for it ten more years...

祝賀 タクティクスオウガ 運命の輪


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Rockman Fan Fiction Elpis - X & Alex

Rockman Fan Fiction Elpis - X & Alex

2nd published artwork is done through SAI. SAI is quite useful and it can make a stylish artwork quickly. I love it's pattern. Actually Painter can do the same. But it seems can't be so quick.

My own fan fiction Rockman Zero Elpis painting again. The style is affected by Nier. I love this game after I watch its trailer. I tried to copy some styles into this work.

Rockman X is using an official liked shape for painting. The bottom is Alex again... Alex is a similar speaking sound with "X". His outlook is copying Cloud Strife (his CV is same as X at Japanese ver.). I really don't like to draw a helm...



Keyword: Rockman X, Megaman X, エックス

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