Vocaloid Fan Art : SF-A2 開発コードmiki

Vocaloid Fan Art : SF-A2 開発コードmiki
This is my first SAI painting, and first Vocaloid fanart. My computer is still down. I can't found out out favourite Painter through my 2nd computer. I try an legendary software instead of that searching for the painter... I heard SAI for a really long time. Lots of people said that - KAMI !!! for this software. But I still love Painter more after I used it...

SF-A2 Miki is my most favourite Vocaloid. I start to loved her after the song "Satellite Cannon". But she seems is not really famous in the Vocaloid party. Comparing to Miku - no products, less hot songs , less fanart, no image objects, etc ... I want a Miki Figma so much. I hope she would be more famous later...


這次畫的是開發Code Miki,我最喜歡冷門的Vocaloid。可惜的是Miki並沒有太多名曲,也沒有相關產品,就連Talkoid那邊也相當少她的戲份。簡單而言就是不人氣Vocaloid。比較起來GUMI的曲子比她好不少的,GUMI擁有相當多的神調教曲子……

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