Kingdom Hearts|Cloud Strife,クラウド・ストライフ

Kingdom Hearts|Cloud Strife,クラウド・ストライフ

Cloud's Kingdom Hearts costume is my favorite one. I like this costume more than AC style. This picture is painted a half for a really long time. You also can view it at my infoseek profile or xanga icon. I finished it with a testing ink style and combine with photoshop keying. The impressive rusty pattern is only a keeper's photo... Haha. I don't know how to draw such impressive thing. Photoshop can fast and easy to do the similar moody...

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Rockman X : エックス

Rockman X : エックス
Megaman X main character. Actually he is my fan fiction character, it is different to the original. In my stroy setting the Original X is tortured cause of he killed Dr. Vile. A robot who can't harm any human is the reason why the government determine him. Government plan to use his name and contorl the Maverick Hunter. They use his data to copy a new Reploid X. The copy reploid is plan to has a infinite innocent...

This is a mone color sketch and retouch by photoshop. I use a keeper photos to make more impressive pattern into the picture...

Keyword: Rockman X,イレギュラハンター,Maverick Hunter, ロックマン エックス

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