Tokimeki Memorial Fan art | 伊集院レイ Ijyuin Rei

伊集院レイ,Tokimeki Memorial Ijyuin Rei
Tokimeki Memorial Ijyuin Rei. I almost forget all characters from this game. It's a really old game. But I think mostly of people played this game. They won't forget this strange character easily...The damn truck of Valentine Chocolate...

Keyword: 伊集院レイ,Tokimeki Memorial, Ijyuin Rei, ときめきメモリアル

Rockman ZX Prairie & Girouette | プレリー,ジルウェ

Rockman ZX Prairie & Giro

A cute couple. But it seems not appeared in game. Girouette die at the beginning of ZX story... I think he is main character when I see the game information.

Keyword: ロックマンゼクス,Rockman ZX,Megaman ZX,洛克人ZX,プレリー,ジルウェ

Rockman Zero Fan Fiction Elpis| Shiratori

Elpis| Shiratori

This is my own fan fiction Rockman Zero Elpis character. A reploid who has transform skill liked Axl.

Ultima - RO ラグナロクオンライン Fan Art

Ultima - Ragnarok Online

My RO doujin from long ago. I put some FFT characters into this RO story. I love Kingdom Heart costume Cloud more than AC.

Keyword: Ragnarok Online,ラグナロクオンライン,仙境傳說RO,女祭司,女騎士,Cloud Strife,クラウド

Rockman Zero Elpis | シアール,アルエット,ゼロ

Rockman Zero Elpis

My own fan fiction Rockman Zero Elpis painting. Actaully there are only 2 characters from Rockman Zero - Alouette and Zero. I don't think anyone can imagine the left bottom face is Ciel... XD

Keyword: ロックマンゼロ,Rockman Zero,Megaman Zero,洛克人Zero,シアール,アルエット,ゼロ

Wing R Fan Art : FC2 Blog

Fan Art | Anime Art weblog

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