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I hidden the adult content part in this design layout.

The new design layout for blogger is finished. It has an unique layout after 3 years... T-T

In the new banner, I want more erotic feeling. I put more naked girls at the top of the page. The original one is too small. The effect is not really good at that thin banner.

At the new layout. I also put a fast menu at the header ; "Fan Art", "Sketch" and "Intro. & Sitemap". It would be more easy to browser my artworks. I really don't like blogger original category. If you have 70+ posts. You need to click 7+ times for the "older post" button. In other words, it almost impossible for viewing the old posts...

If that is diary, that may be no value for the old posts... But this blog is showing my artworks. As I always check pixiv artist old works. That would be a value to reading those old posts.

It's not really easy for the blogger template modification. In FC2 blog, you can copy all coding into your dreamweaver. It just a WYSIWYG process. But blogger template can't be that simply. You need to try and error at its Edit HTML mode. There is so many codes I don't understand... Maybe those empty div are plugin's spacing.

For example, I put a quote sign at every posts' / right widgets. That process is really annoying. I need to check the CSS name at Chrome Developer Tools (F12 at Chrome). The center line between post and right column is more annoying! CSS main-inner and footer-inner padding make the line has a huge gap between the post and footer.

FC2 Blog design layout updated

FC2 Blog Custom
This layout is base on template evergreen*. I modified it's images and become this new design.

Evengreen template path :

The new layout are similar to my exblog. I make a fast menu at the header. User can click the thumbnail view listing of Fan Art / Sketch more easily. I also make another button for an introduction and sitemap. I think a pure introduction is meaningless. I have such long introduction for viewing...

The new design would focus on green color and natural theme. The banner image used these 2 artworks to present.

Actually there is not relation between these characters... I just feel the angle is matching for presentation.

Wing R FC2 blog and Sitemap

About This Weblog
Cecil is a Xanga Member Since: 4/16/2005

My FC2 blog is moved from . If you use my xanga url. You propertly can found out this post. Thanks for searching me through this way.

About Me
My nickname is Cecil. Birth:4th Sep 1983 . Most of my websites / weblogs would called Wing of Red / Wing R (Depends on the name signed or not). I am a Hong Kong web designer. I love animation and drawing. I would post some of my works to this weblog. Thanks for watching it.

Wing R Fan Art Index
You can click the top grey "Wing R" for getting back to index page.

Fan Art List
An thumbnails view listing of my fan art

Sketch List
An thumbnails view listing of my sketch

Intro. and Sitemap
Current page. Introduction of me and about this weblog

Hentai Fan Art
A link. That weblog would contains all my hentai fan art.

Wing R Design
A link too. That weblog would contains all my design works.

Category (Left Column)
This is category function. Each page shows around 5 pictures only. This wouldn't be easy to find my old works. You can see it under the category : Fan Art List and Sketch List. You can fast preview all my artwork with an thumbnails through those links. That is same as header menu one.

Archive (Right Column)
This is archive function. It sorts out all posts with date.

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